Rally Tour Experiences


What is a "Rally Style" tour? Oxotic will have instructors and staff photographers in our lead vehicle (Cayenne Turbo) that set the route for the group, maximizing the overall experience.  As a Rally you will tackle the many switchbacks and straight aways our routes provide. All of our tours allow you to add a passenger! For tours exceeding and including 30 Miles, the passenger may also drive.

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Yosemite 165 Mile Tour

The best of the best right in our backyard. People all of the world come to Yosemite every day of the year! Now you can have the ultimate drive in any of our Supercars with over 1000 turns all the way to Tunnel View to see Half Dome! Put the top down and live life to the fullest when you cycle through 3-4 of our Supercars during this 5 hour drive!

*Starting at $1250.


100 Mile Tour

This tour will take you through some of the best driving roads that California has to offer, with hundreds of turns all the way to Bass Lake, stopping at Ducey's on the Lake. Drop the top and cycle through 3-4 of our Supercars during this 3+ hour tour.

*Starting at $649


70 Mile Tour

Enjoy tons of twists and turns in this 70 mile tour. You'll get to experience these supercars like never before, cycle through 2-3 of Oxotic's supercars during this 2 1/2 hour drive.

*Starting at $495


45 Mile Tour

Take in every curve and elevation change of Auberry road as you drive by Table Mountain Casino. Select your favorite car to drive for the full length of the tour, or switch driver and passenger halfway at a scenic photography stop. Enjoy 75 minutes of adrenaline in your selected supercar.

*Starting at $350


30 Mile Tour

Select your favorite supercar to drive 30 miles up Friant towards Millerton Lake, stop halfway for a photo shoot, leaving you with lasting memories of this adrenaline filled 45 minute drive.

*Starting at $225


15 Mile Tour

This tour will leave you needing more! Experience 15 miles of driving the fast lane of Freeway 41 towards Madera in
your favorite supercar on this 25 minute drive.

*Starting at $99

*Prices do not include fuel & maintenance fee or passenger