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Supercar Rally Tours Now In Fresno!

Customize your own tour packages

All of our driving experiences are "Rally" style drives, where you pick the supercar YOU want to drive! You will then follow behind our lead vehicle on a designated super fun and scenic route.

We operate 4 tours a day, starting with our longest tour at 10am, and ending with our shortest tour leaving at 3:30pm. Select a 30 Mile or longer tour and experience driving multiple Supercars, while stopping at many photography points of interest along your epic journey!

 Corporate Events

Our brand new Event Center spans just over 5,000 sq ft and offers state of the art amenities for your presentation needs. You will work personally with our events director to create a customized and memorable experience for your staff or clients. We offer turnkey events that will give you that "WOW FACTOR" you've been looking for!

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Event Center


The Fleet

Staying ahead of the curve, we are constantly adding new Supercars to our fleet, so check back often. We specialize in European exotic cars typically found with an MSRP in the range of $200,000 - $300,000. You will have the opportunity to drive a wide variety of thoughtfully-selected Supercars!


Rally Style Tour

Oxotic offers Californias first of it's kind 100% Mountain Supercar Rally tours. Your instructors and staff photographers will guide the tour in a lead vehicle (520 HP Porsche Cayenne Turbo) as the entire group of Supercars follows behind!

Staff Photographers

 Every tour has one or more professional staff photographer along for the adventure to capture every moment and preserve the experience.

In-Car Video

Our entire fleet is outfitted with in-car video camera systems that record your tour. Front-facing cameras capture the road ahead, while inward-facing cameras capture the excitement on your face throughout your experience.